Image of The Official Tour de France Records book coverThe Official Tour de France Records

Published by Carlton Books Ltd

The Official Tour de France Records and is published by Carlton Books as part of their million-selling ‘Records’ series. It’s also backed by the Tour de France itself, so it carries the Tour’s logo. 

Like all the books in this series, it’s not a record book in the sense of recording dry facts and statistics, but it’s more a record of the characters and endeavour that has made the Tour de France what it is today; the biggest annual sports event in the world.

It’s a big A4 picture-led book that covers over 100 years of Tour de France history, and I’ve tried to cover the big and little stories of the Tour by looking at the main competitions of the race and some of their sub-plots, the great cycling nations who have took part, the legendary riders and finally the great mountain climbs.

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